Chacha lifestyle face mist

Chacha Lifestyle Face Mist |
Chacha Lifestyle Face Mist |

Chacha lifestyle face mist


Fragrance: Light - Revitalising and Minty

A potent mist and an intensive hydrating formulation that refreshes, cools, calms and balances the skin. Contains a concentrated blend of purifying Aloe, Papaya and multiple cooling botanical extracts.


  • Excellent for post-workout, while stuck in traffic, post-shaving or as a prompt escape from the heat. Keep it in your suitcase, at your work-station or in your gym bag. Once you try it, you're going to want to keep it close at hand. Although our skin functions as a biological screen against pro-oxidative chemicals and air pollutants, prolonged or recurrent exposure to high levels of these pollutants may have profound negative effects on the skin such as premature ageing, grime buildup, etc. The Chacha Lifestyle Face Mist is an ideal alcohol-free solution when you need an instant boost of a cold-ultra-fine skin-hydration. Enriched with all-natural ingredients, this face mist evens your complexion, smooths fine-lines and visible pores and cools dehydrated skin instantly, enabling it to take on the daily stresses of your modern-day life. Formulated to be used anytime - day or night, this spray's luminous finish leaves skin powdery soft, hydrated, and refreshed, while stabilising overall oil production. The potent botanical complex in The Chacha Lifestyle Face Mist supports skin’s natural ability to regulate water retention and adapt to the rigorous heat and sweat discharge. An antipollution active of Witch Hazel extract acts to calm skin and reduces visible signs of stress caused by air pollution and exertion. Additionally, Aloe Vera extract supports skin elasticity and firmness in as little as two weeks of use when applied twice daily. Papaya extract revives lacklustre skin and provides a dewy look. A must-have for the city-dwellers, urban-commuters, and fitness enthusiasts this protective mist not only forms a shield to protect against free radicals, pollution, sweat, and grime buildup, it helps reinforce skin's natural defences - making it lit-from-within. Diligently formulated, considering the diverse skin types of the Indian subcontinent, this potent formula with the highest quality of organic, botanical and herbal extracts is Paraben-free, Cruelty-free, 100% vegetarian and pleasant enough for everyday use and sensitive skin.

  • • Aloe vera

    • Papaya

    • Witch hazel

    • Betain.

  • Application: Purse lips inwards into mouth; if sensitive. Close eyes. Spray it once every few hours to refresh skin. For drier skin types, hold it closer to your skin and apply two spritzes every four hours to maintain hydration and cooling effect.